Set a budget 

Before you start using gratis, it is essential to set a budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend and stick to it. 

Prioritize your spending 

Determine your priorities and allocate your gratis accordingly. Focus on spending on the things that matter most to you. 

Don't overspend 

It can be tempting to spend more than your budget, but it's essential to avoid overspending. Keep track of your gratis balance and stop spending when you reach your limit. 

Use gratis for necessities 

Use your gratis for necessary expenses like food, transportation, and bills. 

Look for deals and discounts 

Keep an eye out for special deals and discounts that can help you stretch your gratis further. 

Consider using gratis for gifts 

If you're low on cash, consider using your gratis to buy gifts for others. This can be a thoughtful and budget-friendly way to show your appreciation. 

Don't hoard your gratis 

It's easy to fall into the trap of hoarding your gratis, but this can be counterproductive. Use your gratis wisely, and remember that it's a limited resource. 

Be mindful of others 

If you're part of a community that uses gratis, be mindful of others' needs. Don't hog all the gratis for yourself, and consider sharing with those who are struggling. 

Keep track of your transactions 

To use your gratis effectively, it's important to keep track of your transactions. Use a notebook or a budgeting app to monitor your spending 

Stay within your means 

Finally, remember that gratis is not a replacement for income. Use it to supplement your finances, but don't rely on it entirely. Always stay within your means