Understand the platform: Before starting to work with Mihan Blockchain, take the time to understand the platform's architecture, features, and capabilities.

Plan your use case: Clearly define your use case and identify how Mihan Blockchain can help achieve your goals.

Choose the right nodes: Mihan Blockchain has different types of nodes with different roles and capabilities. Choose the right type of node for your use case.

Ensure proper security: Use best practices for security and ensure that all nodes and users have proper authentication and authorization.

Set up monitoring: Establish proper monitoring of the blockchain platform to detect issues and address them quickly.

Implement smart contracts: Use smart contracts to automate business processes and reduce the need for intermediaries.

Optimize performance: Optimize the performance of the blockchain platform by choosing the right hardware and network setup.

Train your team: Provide training to your team to ensure that they understand how to work with Mihan Blockchain and the best practices for using it.

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Test before deployment: Thoroughly test your applications before deploying them on Mihan Blockchain to ensure that they work as intended.

Engage with the community: Mihan Blockchain has a community of users and developers. Engage with the community to learn from others and stay up to date on the latest developments.