Buy coins directly 

You can buy coins directly from a dealer or online marketplace, such as eBay or Amazon. 

Attend coin shows and auctions 

Coin shows and auctions are great places to buy and sell coins. You can find rare coins and meet other collectors. 

Join a coin club 

Joining a coin club can give you access to information about coin collecting, including where to find coins and how to value them. 

Invest in coin funds 

There are mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in coins and other collectibles. 

Invest in coins through a retirement account 

You can invest in coins through a self-directed IRA or other retirement account. 

Buy shares of a company that deals in coins 

Some publicly traded companies deal in coins and other collectibles. You can buy shares of these companies. 

Buy bullion coins 

Bullion coins are coins made from precious metals, such as gold or silver. They are a way to invest in the value of the metal. 

Buy rare coins 

Rare coins can be valuable investments. You should research the value of a coin before buying it. 

Invest in graded coins 

Graded coins have been professionally authenticated and graded for quality. They may be more valuable than ungraded coins. 

Invest in a coin collection 

You can invest in a coin collection, either by buying one or by building one yourself. A collection can be more valuable than the sum of its parts.