GM is a common abbreviation for "Good Morning" and is used in daily greetings.

 In the crypto community, GM is used as slang to greet other traders and investors at the start of the day.

 The use of GM slang in crypto is not limited to morning hours only; it can be used at any time of the day.

The use of GM slang in crypto reflects the global nature of the crypto market, as traders and investors from different time zones are active at different times.

 GM slang in crypto is commonly used on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.

The use of GM slang in crypto can also be seen in chat rooms and online forums, where traders and investors discuss market trends and share information.

GM slang in crypto is often accompanied by other slang terms, such as HODL, FOMO, and DYOR.

 The use of GM slang in crypto is informal and reflects the casual nature of online conversations in the crypto community.

 GM slang in crypto is also used as a way to build relationships and create a sense of community among traders and investors.

 Overall, GM slang in crypto is a way to greet others in the crypto community and to acknowledge the start of a new day of trading and investing in the digital asset market.